Jasmine Combo
Jasmine Combo

Jasmine Combo

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The real deal. This combo has everything you need to make your own scented candles from used cooking oil.

Once your scented candle has completely burnt down, reuse the jar to make your own candle with the candle making kit. Simply make sure to remove the wick base, pour warm water and carefully wash with soap to remove previous wax residue.

It only takes three minutes to up-cycle your used cooking oil at home into scented candles. One DIY Candle Making kit can create up to three scented candles of 100ml.

The scented candle making kit contains 60g (2.1 oz.) of fragrant powder for making wax, 3 cotton wicks, 3 wick holders and a measuring spoon.

Candle size 105g | Burns up to 30 hours.